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GE Aviation Systems, LLC
Project requirements
Skills used
iOS/Android/App Development
Adobe Creative Suite
Content Creation
Final Cut Pro

The Goal:
To deliver an electronic manual for technicians to repair components for the HIMARS military vehicles when they return from the field for service.

The Result:
Development of four, multi-platform compatible programs that display tear down and re-assembly operations in a step-by-step format with detailed animations and voice overs to guide the technicians through the procedures.

The final programs are delivered on DVD-Roms and through a mobile app. The programs are presented in a high-definition format, viewable on a PC, phone, tablet, or via a company Intranet connection. Each step includes the highlighting of part names within the instructional text linked to the corresponding part within the photograph for ease of identification.

For security purposes, only the DVD cases, DVD-ROM labels, and a screenshot of one program page are displayed for reference.